Ginger & Lime.

Zesty lime with a fiery ginger kick.

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Spanish Orange.

A smooth and revitalising orange blended with the finest Spanish oranges.

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Apple & Mint.

A refreshing combination of apple and a touch of mint. Served best chilled.

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Water with Added Life.

Amino Acid Enriched Spring Water

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    Amino Acids

    Each 500ml bottle contains 5g of L-Glutamine

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    There are 5g of protein in each of our 500ml bottles

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    Natural Ingredients

    We use the finest natural ingredients in all of our drinks

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    No Added Sugar

    Our drinks use only natural sugars and, with only c.2g per 100ml, Rejuvenation Water is low in natural sugar

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    Vegan Friendly

    Amino Acids are normally found in meat and dairy products. Our Amino Acids come from fermented corn glucose so are Vegan friendly.

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    Produced in the UK

    we proudly manufacture and bottle in the UK, using Staffordshire spring water

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    Caffeine - Stimulant free

    we don’t use any caffeine or any other stimulants in any of our drinks.

Rejuvenation Water is the World’s first Amino Acid enriched spring water specifically designed to deal with the rigours of modern life. Using Staffordshire spring water, natural fruit juices and a unique Amino Acid formulation, Rejuvenation Water fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle.




with 5 grams of the Amino Acid L-Glutamine in each bottle, Rejuvenation Water is the perfect drink for post exercise hydration.


Using only natural sugars and being low in calories, Rejuvenation Water is the ideal mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


Whether it’s the morning commute or a long-haul flight, Rejuvenation Water’s functional range of Amino Acid enriched spring water provides smart hydration when on the move.


With no caffeine or stimulants in any of our drinks, Rejuvenation Water is ideal for the evening/weekend unwind.



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