Ginger & Lime


Rejuvenation Water is a unique lifestyle drink specifically designed to deal with the rigours of modern life. Made with pure crisp Derbyshire spring water and enriched with amino acids, the building blocks of life.

Rejuvenation Water 500ml x12 (Ginger & Lime)

Zesty lime with a fiery ginger kick. Made with Derbyshire spring water.

Each 500ml serving contains 5g of L-Glutamine

100% natural ingredients & no added sugar

Vegan friendly

Produced in the UK

Ingredients: Spring Water, Apple juice from concentrate, L-Glutamine, Lime juice from concentrate, Ginger extract, Steviol Glycosides.

Per 100ml Per 500ml Units
Energy 41.6 208 KJ
Energy 9.89 49.45 kcal
Fat 0.0 0.0 g
Of which saturates 0.0 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 2.25 11.25 g
Of which sugars 2.25 11.25 g
Fibre 0.0 0.0 g
Protein 0.0 0.0 g
Salt 0.0 0.0 g